Dive Log

Today’s dives at Lissenung

13 July 2012:

Hi, Sam here, the new DM and surf guide!

Friday the 13th maybe unlucky for some but not for us! 2 great dives today, visibility has picked up to around 20 meters. We went over to the Pacific side to dive the Der Yang (a Korean fishing boat). Lots of schooling fish above the wreck with larger jacks and mackerels trying to pick off the unfortunate ones!

Second dive, we headed over to Ral Island for an easy muck dive, saw lots of little critters including a pipe fish, tiny black dwarf pipehorse, nudibranch, harlequin shrimp and much more!

8 June 2012:

Another brilliant day at Albatross, so good in fact that the divers decided to dive it back-to-back. Eagle Rays, a turtle, lots of grey reef sharks, barracudas, tuna, mackerel and the pygmy seahorse.

1 June 2012:

Vis is still good at around 20m, so the reef sharks at Lemus were easy to see. They guys also spotted a crocodile fish and the usual array of nudibranchs and flatworms. Ral Island was the second dive site and didn’t disappoint: A dwarf pipehorse, harlequin shrimps, anemone shrimps and lots of nudis are just a few of the reasons Ral is such a great muck diving site.

27 May 2012:

Bermuda Drop as first dive today, where Angmai spotted a leaf scorpion fish. Unfortunately, the current was going out at the second dive site Albatross, so not much big stuff here, but lots of small critters such as the pygmy seahorse, a few cowrie shells, nudibranchs etc.

15 May 2012:

Visibility is getting better, finally! We had about 20m at Danny’s Bommie and Albatross today, with reef sharks and nesting ocean triggerfish at Danny’s Bommie and the usual school of barracudas, a school of skipjack tuna, mackerels, wahoos and even an eagle ray at Danny’s Bommie.

4 April 2012:

My good friend Michael visited from Australia, which gave me an excellent excuse to get out of the office and go for a dive.

We took off for Albatross and Kavin II, but before we could get in the water, we encountered a huge pod of about 50 bottle nose dolphins who were obviously bored in the very calm water and used the bow waves of our dive boat as a bit of excitement for the day. They even had a few young ones with them, with a couple of them no bigger than 70 cm. Very cute! We spent 20 minutes just driving up and down, entertaining them and us.

The visibility was still crappy at Albatross, but there were a number of sharks, the usual school of barracudas and two rather large and mean-looking giant trevallies. They came in and even the barracudas scattered all over the place! The little Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse is still sitting in its little fan at 21m and Liz was trying to get some good shots of the garden eels on top of the reef just prior to our safety stop, but they are just too skittish.

Kavin II followed after an hour surface interval and the visibility here was a lot better. Lots of small stuff, but here, too, I spotted a couple of sharks and two nice-looking mackerels.

23 April 2012:

Sorry for the lack of updates, but our internet has been out since Easter. I’ve finally managed to get a USB modem going, although it’s slow going.

The diving has been so-so. Lots of stuff in the water due to strong currents, but unfortunately, the visibility is crap at 15m maximum. Once the divers got close enough, they could see reef sharks, rainbow runners, tuna, trevallies and other stuff at Peter’s Patch. Baudisson Bay worked much better with all its small stuff, such as nudibranchs and flatworms, anemones, a scorpionfish and a colourful school of antheas.

29 March 2012:

The weather is horrendous with huge storms and lots of rain, but once the divers got underwater at Albatross, it all changed. It’s warmer in the water than out, and where the visibility of 25m comes from I don’t know. But Albatross didn’t disappoint once again, in fact, the divers did 2 dives there, that’s how great it was! Seeing that ever-present school of yellow-tail barracudas, the also ever-present school of sweetlips near the black coral as well as a few large tuna and 6 sharks in that kind of vis would have been great!