Village Tours

Village Tours at Lissenung

Lissenung Island is just one of many islands in New Ireland Province and many of our neighbouring islands are inhabited. The area counts more than 149 islands, which are surrounded by the Bismarck Archipelago to the south-west and the South Pacific Ocean to the north-east. Join us on a visit to those island villages and experience what life without running water, without electricity, without TV and Internet is like. Where kids still play outside, not sit in front of the TV all day. Happy kids, who love to swim, show you their home, practice their English on you and have their picture taken and then see themselves inside that little box. 

You will be accompanied by one of our local guides, who will open the door to their homes to you and let you experience their life for a short while. You will find out why the islanders have a separate Haus Kuk (kitchen), how copra is made, and if you are lucky, you might even get to watch the weavers make floor mats or bline, which we use for the walls in all our bungalows. At Enuk Island, our first visit is to one of the two schools. If you have brougth some pencils, excerise books etc. with you, now is the time to hand them over to the headmaster. He/she will make sure that the presents are divided equally. Many of our Australian guests have had a fun game of touch footy here, and usually, the kids out-run the grown-ups!

At Nusalomon, we check out some remnants from WWII. Up a small hill, a Japanese bunker is still almost intact and although the trees and scrub have grown a fair bit since 1945, you can see why it was positioned right there: The soldiers would have had a great view of Kavieng Harbour.

A little further along one of the gun emplacements has survived time and is still in one piece. The local kids use this as their playground.

After the short walk on Nusalomon, we head over to Lemus Island for a snorkel. The former Governour of New Ireland, Ian Ling-Stucky, has a house here and if he is home, don’t be surprised if you are invited in for a cup of tea.

Enuk Island visit PGK 30.00 per person
1/2 day island village tour PGK 125.00 per person, min. 2 people
Full day island village tour PGK 210.00 per person, min. 2 people


Above rates include a guide, snacks and beverages and, for the full day tour, picnic lunch. A donation of PGK 30.00 per person from the above rates goes to Enuk Island community and elementary schools.

Prices are applicable for bookings and payment made from outside PNG. Any bookings made whilst in PNG are subject to 10% GST.