Surf Log

Surf Log at Lissenung

14 – 28 January 2013

Well, I’m sad to say that this will be my last surf report for the season. I have had an unreal time here, some mind blowing waves, met some great people and got to stay on a beautiful island that really is paradise. But rest assured, I will be back next season to catch a whole lot more of the world classes breaks that there are on offer here.

Anyway, let me tell you about the last few weeks. Steve, Erin, Angelo, Duncan and Rod arrived on 14 January. As they were  also going diving, we had shorter morning sessions, headed back to the island for a quick brekkie, then Angmai took over for their diving adventures. Lunch and a quick break, and we were back on our boards. Boy, these 5 guys & gals worked hard during their holiday!!!

Hughie (the surf god) decided to start them off small with a nice 2 foot glassy session at Ral Island, which was great to get everyone in the mood. We spent the next couple of mornings going to Ral while the swell was building.

With the group as a whole being a little intimidated by a few stories about the reefs they had heard, I knew I had to get one of them out to our world class left Go Go’s. So one afternoon, I talked Duncan into going out for a session. He was a little worried at first but I talked him through it. With a bomb set coming through, we both turned to paddle for it. I asked if he wanted it. He said Yes, so I yelled “go Duncan, go”. He took off, grabbing the rail on the takeoff, pulling in and holding his line just as I told him to do. I watched from the back of the wave praying that he would make it. As the wave came to an end, I heard Benson cheering from the boat and watching Duncan pull of the end of the wave with a huge smile on his face. I let out a big hoot and gave him the double fist pump, which Duncan returned. Paddling back out with a smile ear to ear and Benson going off in the boat like a frog in a sock, I knew this was something special. When he paddled back out he said “that was the best wave of my life”. Go Go’s had him. We continued to catch wave after wave until dark. I knew that around the dinner table tonight there would be talk about Go Go’s.

The next morning it was clear where we were going to go. Duncan’s words the night before had made the decision. Go Go’s. With the swell jacking up overnight and a slight off shore we were set for a great day. As we approached the line up, the swell had defiantly picked up. With set being overhead I think it might have been a little overwhelming for them, but a few paddled out anyway. Duncan and I got some awesome waves, I tried to talk the others into a few but they needed to sort it out for themselves.

With the swell on the increase again I thought I’d better take them to another location, so we went to Nusalomon Island and surfed the right which everyone loved except for Erin whom I made a deal with. From that point on I wasn’t going to catch another wave until she did, so that afternoon, we headed to Go Go’s again and after about 30 minutes, I managed to get Erin onto a wave. After that moment, she never looked back, it got so bad that, by the end of the trip, we had to fight to get a wave off her. She was just taking off on anything she could. Great to see!

It was Go Go’s a lot for the surfers that came for my last few weeks here and by the end of their trip they all loved it. It is truly is a world class wave, it’s a wave to remember – one I’ll never forget!

Well, till next season, take care and look out for my next surf log in November. Get over here everyone!!!

26 December – 1 January 2013

Happy New Year everyone!

Well, since the last update we have had some unbelievable swell, with Go Go’s going off its nut. One guest described it as world class.
Puzzle and I had some awesome days at Ral to start, warming up with a nice 6 hour session on the first day. On the second day, we started with 2 hour surf at Ral then followed by a 5 hour session at Go Go’s and all of this before lunch. After lunch we hit Go Go’s again for another 3 hour session, getting some unreal barrels and ripping the hell out of the lip. The next few days were the same, all with glassy condition in the morning and some gruelingly long sessions. By the end of it all, Puzzle and I had pulled into that many barrels and I had hit the lip that many times that my board could not handle any more abuse and on the last wave for the day, my board gave in halfway through my turn, snapping the tail of my board in half.  What an awesome few days!! The best part was that Puzzle and I had it all to ourselves at Go Go’s everyday… Definitely world class!!!

10 – 15 December

A new, bigger swell swell arrived this week, just in time for the arrival of a bunch of surfers. The winds weren’t as favourable but we still got some glassy conditions, so it was great fun, and having Pete, Mitch and Dan to surf with was unreal. We had some good sessions at Ral with waves another foot or 2 over head. Dan & Mitch, only 13 and 15 years old, adapted to the swell great. There were a few outside sets that came through that had to be duck-dived, but all and all, we all had fun. We also went down to Senta Pass and had a smaller surf there with waist-height waves and off shore conditions. I showed them Spot X, but I think they were keen to try Senta Pass so the boat went on. We also surfed the right at Edmago Island but caught it on the wrong tide, so was a bit shallow. There were some good waves coming through, so next time, Edmago, next time…

With the swell picking up again and the winds dropping, conditions should be awesome this week. Keep your eye on this page for an update.

7 December

Simo here, the new surf guide!

The surf was on fire this past week with sessions at Ral Island, Bangatan, Senta pass and my new spot, Simo’s Spot X. With the waves being head height and the winds off shore, it was perfect all week. Most of the time, I was surfing alone at Ral, although my new prodigy Benson gave it his best. With a little on shore coaching, I managed to get him standing up on his board within 2 sessions, but on the 3rd, he snapped his board, maybe because he was going so hard? We have a new board for Benson now, so he’ll be out there again.

Surf’s up!

What an epic and early start to the surf season! A couple of our guests headed out to Ral on Thursday and were greeted by a 5.5ft swell. Bad weather in Japan is pushing big swell our way and the guys only came home when it got too dark to go on.


Come on, surf….

With the arrival of our new surf guide Sam we are ready for the new surf season to begin. We’ve already had a few days with some half-decent swell from the right direction, but unfortunately not big enough to bother heading out just yet. It would just mean a lot of time sitting on the board, waiting for that one decent wave out of 40 lame ones. We’ll just have to be patient!